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Designer Maid customizes the clean around your needs and budget. We specialize in deep cleaning and offer exceptional recurring service you can afford. Whether you need a one-time clean, move-in or move-out service, windows clean, or help with organization, no job is to big or small.

Vacation Condo Rental Cleaning: We pay extra attention to the details when cleaning your vacation rental. Whether it’s a rental property, Airbnb, or HomeAway, we’ll leave your vacation rental clean, fresh, and shiny.

House Cleaning Tasks

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Wipe the tops of doorways, air vents
  • Dust window blinds, sills, and ledges
  • Dust all furniture and pictures
  • Vacuum furniture for pet hair and debris (including under cushions)
  • Spot clean light switch plates, fingerprints
  • Dust (and scrub if needed) baseboards
  • Vacuum floor surfaces, scrub or mop as needed
  • Cleaning sliding glass doors
  • Make Beds
  • Tidy Rooms
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpets, moving small furniture as needed
  • Vacuum tile, linoleum, wood, and laminate floors well
  • Mop or almost dry mop (some wood or laminate floors)


  • Scrub shower tiles, tubs to get soap scum
  • Wash the toilet, inside and outside, and behind
  • Wipe fixtures and buff shiny
  • Wipe all mirrors, lights, countertops (all items are moved and wiped)
  • Sinks cleaned thoroughly and faucets buffed shiny
  • Bathroom cabinets are wiped
  • Floor is hand scrubbed


  • Wash tops of cabinets and ledges.
  • Wash fronts of cabinets, and tops of appliances, sides, and stovetop
  • Move all items and small appliances on counters
  • Wipe all items and put back
  • Scrub sink and use grout brush along fixtures as needed for buildup
  • Vacuum kitchen floor and hand scrub as needed to a shine

Deep cleaning involves more furniture moving and more washing of baseboards, blinds, and fronts of all cabinets.

General cleaning is a very good vacuum and dusting of the whole house. The bathrooms are always scrubbed and kitchen cleaned thoroughly. We can mix deep cleaning and general cleaning as needed. Priority lists are very popular also; you design your own clean.

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